man yoga workshop sunday oct 29

yoga for body, mind, & life

A Great Workout

A mind/body workout that will get you moving, breathing and sweating like no other yoga class you’ve tried (this isn’t just glamorized stretching). Come to develop strength, stamina, and flexibility to enhance the rest of your life.

strength & Stillness

Does “stillness” of mind seem like some esoteric BS? Come experience what it’s like to slow down your wild and anxious mind to finally feel a sense of calmness and ease. Develop awareness and focus so you can experience the best of life here and now.

a way of life

Develop the courage and compassion to be true under pressure. Stay open in the face of challenge so you can lead a life with heart no matter your circumstances. Learn to be you.

About Matt

Who is this guy?
Yoga is a Way of Life

Yoga teaches you about the good stuff in life, that deep wisdom attained through experience. Like the lessons you learn while lost in Morocco, or walking 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, or cycling up the Julian Alps, or owning up to your fear of marriage (that's me right there).

  • I've been practicing yoga for over 10 years from Anusara to Iyengar and Power Yoga lineages. I completed my yoga teacher training at Core Power in Berkeley.

  • I received my black belt in Karate at 18. In high school and college I learned to wrestle, surf, swim, and mountaineer. Weightlifting and meditation keep my ego in check. All these disciplines are evident in my teaching.

learn yoga

& Connect with Me

Yoga for Men “Man Yoga”

A yoga class designed specifically for the needs of men. Come meet a kick ass group of guys. From financial planners to artists, techies to writers, we are here for each other without ego. Network, befriend, and create a community of guys to help you stay motivated, accountable, and connected.

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Practice yoga in a beautiful setting with hardwood floors, views of the Berkeley hills, and sounds of birds and trees rustling in the breeze. Mats, props, and music are part of the training grounds. Or, bring a class to your event/office/work.

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