Man Yoga: Workshop Sunday October 29th 2-4 PM

Sunday October 29th 2-4pm @ The Green Yogi Berkeley 
$30 pre register/$35 day of
This 2 hour workshop is designed specifically for men! If you are new to yoga, this workshop will introduce you to the basic foundational postures of yoga and give you an idea what to expect from classes going forward. If you already practice yoga, it will be a great opportunity to focus on the areas of yoga that commonly have the most benefit for men, such as tight shoulders and hips. Either way, it’s a great opportunity for men to discover the stress-reducing, life-enhancing benefits of this ancient and proven practice.

Because yoga combines strength, flexibility, balance, focus and coordination, it’s the perfect cross training activity a guy can do to enhance performance in his main sport whether it’s cycling, running, golf, triathlons, rugby or lacrosse. Golfers find yoga helps them hit longer drives and stay focused on the course. Runners swear it reduces soreness and boosts energy. Weekend warrior athletes use yoga to maintain peak condition and avoid injuries. The New York Giants even used yoga to help them win the Superbowl! This workshop will give space to learn yoga at your own pace with a great group of guys! Flexibility not required. All levels welcome. Looking forward to seeing you there. Email me if you have any questions.

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