Yoga for Men

10:45-12pm Sundays

Berkeley Yoga Center

1250 Addison Street Studio 209 Berkeley, CA

Access code *YOGA (*9642)


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Who is this for?

We are a group of solid guys ranging from artists and musicians to entrepreneurs and fathers. The one thing we have in common is our interest in living fuller, healthier, and happier lives. We want to take care of our bodies, developing intelligence in our movement, strength in our structure and flexibility.

I should also mention that we all stick with the practice because it helps us calm our minds. Mental health is huge for us. We know what it’s like to have a mind that doesn’t shut up and for that reason alone, we keep showing up to practice yoga.

So, if you’re a guy who wants to not only be in shape on the outside, but inside, we want you to come.

What is Yoga for Men?

This is a weekly (Sundays 10:45-12) power yoga class designed for men. You’ll learn the fundamentals of power yoga in a safe yet powerful environment. Expect to learn yoga asana, which is the physical practice of yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to come. Modifications are offered for every level of student: from those working on Down Dog to Handstand. We always get a workout, but the student is the one in control of their own progress.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for the intro special package, here. If you have any questions call me 415-686-5147 (leave a message if I don’t pick up).

What if I can’t make it on Sundays but still want to try out yoga?

Schedule a private lesson with me, 415-686-5147 & leave a message.

How much does it cost?

It’s $30 for the first 3 classes. After that it’s $16/class or you can buy a package deal $58 for 4 classes ($14.50 per class) *31-day limit. $106 for 8 classes ($13.25 per class) *90-day limit

What should I bring or wear?

Water, a yoga mat if you have one, a towel and comfortable clothes to workout in. It’s not a big deal if you don’t have yoga clothes. I usually wear running shorts and a t-shirt. Don’t let your outfit deter you from showing up.

What are the classes like? How do I know if I will like it?

The studio is warm with hardwood floors, large windows and exposed brick and beams. You can often hear children playing, birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind from the park below. I play music because it enhances the practice and gets you out of your head. We have all the props, blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps one could need. I keep the room somewhere between 75 and 80 degrees.

We generally start class with some sort of meditation to clear the mind and get the body ready for mindful movement. Classes are structured to build you up from a gentle warm up to a peak pose, which is usually something that requires you to build strength. We always end with a cool down, longer holds for stretching, and another meditation. There’s a quick Q & A before we leave to close out class.

There’s a cafe downstairs with coffee, tea and food. It’s encircled by a spacious park and a creek if you’re looking for more peace after your workout.

My Brother,

Thanks for showing up to this page and learning a little more about yoga. I wanted to write this note to make a more personal connection with you. There’s so much floating around about yoga that doesn’t relate to guys, so I wanted to set a few things straight. I’ll also take this time to describe my personal experience with yoga, in hope that my story resonates with you. I’ve been practicing yoga for over ten years and through each phase in my life yoga has been there to help me along. It’s been a way to keep my body moving without pain when I was cycling 100+ miles a week or hiking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago. It’s also been a way to reduce mental chatter. I’ve found it to be an instant stress reliever. Above all else, it’s taught me a way of life, one that is consistent with my deepest values. It’s taught me how to be a man, not just some macho jerk or new age wimp.

Here’s something I wrote for a friend who asked me the difference between what I teach men and what others teach in the yoga space…

When a guy walks into my class he is going to work his body not just “stretch”. We don’t always move quickly, instead we hold poses for long periods of time, especially chair pose. Why? Men want to feel like they’re getting a workout. Men want to experience that high from working the body under intensity. But even more important than all of this, isometrics coupled with deep, steady, and slow breaths calm the mind.

Most men cannot sit in meditation. Most men have never experienced stillness. (I’m also not saying most women have). The amazing thing about yoga is that it prepares the body for deeper meditation. It allows guys to “burn up” all the tension and stress so they can sit, lay, be in deeper stillness. I love to help guys get in shape, but I live to help them find a sense of peace.

Most guys see the effects of marketing yoga in the West. What do they see? White woman, thin, super flexible, blonde (most likely) on the beach or practicing among other skinny women. The language used to depict these women is flowery. Most men don’t understand this language, they don’t “get” the image being portrayed. I remember one of my students telling me he went to a class and heard the teacher cue, “now blossom like a flower.” He didn’t understand what she was telling him to do. When a man comes to my class (or woman), he will be given concise cues on how to experience the pose physically. He will also be challenged to go deeper than the physical. Instead of blossoming like a flower, he might find his actions to become effortless, to move with power and grace.

Lastly, how does the yoga help a modern man live his life? Deal with problems? Interact with women? Love his wife (or husband)? Be present with his children? Be effective at work? Yoga is a way of life, but men don’t see that when they flip open yoga journal or see women practicing with the token one to two guys in the room.

If every man were to experience strength in the body and stillness in his mind, this world would change. Suffering would diminish. Then, we’d actually lead a path with heart, something all of us truly want to do deep down, but find so hard in a complex, noisy, and busy world.

The interesting part is, we can’t always control what’s outside of us, but we can control how we react. We can control ourselves. We can change how we show up in the face of great challenge.

This is what yoga does.

Ready to begin?

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